Gun Control: Four Must-See Graphs

Articles like this one began to appear soon after last month’s tragic massacre in Connecticut. The logic embodied in them is straightforward: Guns are designed to kill people, and more guns mean more dead people, therefore fewer guns mean fewer dead people. The reasoning is so patently obvious, in fact, that anyone who argues against common-sense gun […]

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Picked up by HIStalk

Looks like HIStalk picked up my recent post on Epic over the weekend. I’ve been an avid reader of Mr. H since 2004, so to say I’m excited about the mention would be an understatement. To all the folks clicking through, please feel free to weigh in with a comment or even subscribe! Mr. H […]

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Prevention vs. Treatment?

A recent post by Ezra Klein of The Washington Post seems to call into question the utility of preventative measures as compared with treatment of advanced disease states. Klein quotes a book called “Prevention vs. Treatment” edited by Haley Faust and Paul Menzel, specifically a chapter written by Louise Russell who in turn “draws heavily […]

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Thoughts on today’s Microsoft/GE Healthcare joint-venture announcement

Today Microsoft and GE announced a new joint venture that combines Microsoft’s Amalga, Vergence, and ExpreSSO products with GE’s Qualibria and eHealth offerings in a new company to be named later. GE’s Michael J. Simpson will be CEO of the new company, and Peter Neupert has announced his retirement from Microsoft. I’m not surprised by the […]

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Moral Hazard in Healthcare IT

(Originally published 3/21/2007 on The term moral hazard is generally used within the insurance industry to describe the tendency of the insured to increase their risk tolerance once their risks are hedged by insurance. For example, a consumer with a homeowner’s insurance policy might decide against returning home to double-check that she had turned […]

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The Million-Dollar Menu

(Originally published 11/27/2006 on Last week software-development pundit Joel Spolsky ranted about the obtuse design of the shut-down menu in the recently-released Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. A few days later, a former Microsoft engineer named Moishe Lettvin posted a reply that gives us a telling behind-the-scenes look into why large software systems fail, […]

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