What to do with Xbox?

Regarding my last post about carving up Microsoft, here’s a Twitter conversation with a good friend that merits some elaboration: @zmortensen Oh, and spin out Xbox separate from consumer? Crazy talk. — Jason Sherron (@cheapredwine) September 10, 2013 I believe that Xbox is not immune from the please-your-best-customer plague that afflicts the rest of Microsoft and kills […]

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Steve Ballmer: In memoriam

Today Microsoft announced that Steve Ballmer will retire from the company within the next 12 months, a move that the market applauded. It is hard to imagine Microsoft without him. Steve has more energy and passion for the business than anyone else on the planet. He’s a consummate salesman who loves his products so much that […]

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Firing Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, do you have a minute? Why don’t you step into my office and close the door. Please, have a seat. I need to share some news with you. I met with the Board last night and we’ve decided that we need to make a change. Mark, we’re terminating your employment effective immediately. I […]

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Picked up by HIStalk

Looks like HIStalk picked up my recent post on Epic over the weekend. I’ve been an avid reader of Mr. H since 2004, so to say I’m excited about the mention would be an understatement. To all the folks clicking through, please feel free to weigh in with a comment or even subscribe! Mr. H […]

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