Thoughts on Humedica

I was happy to see today’s HIStalk interview with Michael Weintraub, CEO of Humedica. This is a company that seems to have an innovative product coupled with an innovative business model that is positioned for greatness as health reform kicks into high gear. Humedica’s offering has a value proposition is similar to that of analytics offerings from […]

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Who’s in your lifeboat?

Yesterday’s post by Sean Nolan, Microsoft’s Distinguished Engineer who runs R&D for the Health Solutions Group, seems to affirm the conjecture that HealthVault will provide a means for Microsoft to retain key technical talent as it forms a joint venture with GE Healthcare: At the end of the day — I want to assure you that […]

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Thoughts on today’s Microsoft/GE Healthcare joint-venture announcement

Today Microsoft and GE announced a new joint venture that combines Microsoft’s Amalga, Vergence, and ExpreSSO products with GE’s Qualibria and eHealth offerings in a new company to be named later. GE’s Michael J. Simpson will be CEO of the new company, and Peter Neupert has announced his retirement from Microsoft. I’m not surprised by the […]

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Moral Hazard in Healthcare IT

(Originally published 3/21/2007 on The term moral hazard is generally used within the insurance industry to describe the tendency of the insured to increase their risk tolerance once their risks are hedged by insurance. For example, a consumer with a homeowner’s insurance policy might decide against returning home to double-check that she had turned […]

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The Million-Dollar Menu

(Originally published 11/27/2006 on Last week software-development pundit Joel Spolsky ranted about the obtuse design of the shut-down menu in the recently-released Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. A few days later, a former Microsoft engineer named Moishe Lettvin posted a reply that gives us a telling behind-the-scenes look into why large software systems fail, […]

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Kaiser HealthConnect: A Disaster of Epic Proportions?

(originally published 11/7/2006 on No doubt you’ve read the news: A 25-year-old Kaiser employee named Justen Deal has blown the whistle on the HMO’s multi-billion-dollar implementation of HealthConnect, Kaiser’s in-house name for the product suite provided by Epic Systems Corporation of Verona, WI. There’s no need to rehash the story here, but I would […]

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Response to RaleighHIS: Meditech “Integration Story”

(originally published 11/2/2006 on RaleighHIS asks: “Re: Meditech. How does the integration story play so well? 30+ servers, databases that need to be ‘synced’. Yet they tell the ‘integration story’ and people buy it!?” There can be little doubt that Meditech is the most-successful healthcare IT vendor today, having recently posted quarterly net income […]

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